Early Years Mum


Hi, I am Vicki

You have most likely found yourself on this page because you are wondering how to support your child on their journey as they learn to read and write. 

Methods in school have changed over the years and the systematic, synthetic phonics which is now taught in schools may be a daunting concept to you.

Here is where I can help you… 

Online Bootcamps

The Phonics Bootcamp is aimed at parents of children from 2-6. When you purchase the bootcamp you will be sent a link to the private Facebook group and website where you can navigate the self guided content. You will find a mixture of video clips and downloadable pdf documents which teach you the basics of what you want to know as a parent to support your child at school.

Content is split into Topics so you can stop and start at various points and revisit areas or even go in a different order.

You access is unlimited and also enables questions to be asked in the Facebook group where i will interact with the members.

The content is non-specific as it was produced during the first lockdown to meet the needs of various ages and schools. This means it is the theory behind the teaching and learning and is not specific to one school’s scheme.

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“School has changed a lot since we were little and methods have changed. Learning should be fun, especially when you are 5! With some of my strategies and resources you will feel equipped as a parent for your child’s early years.”          

                                                  – Vicki Bowden

"I was struggling to get my 5 year old to sit with me to do any reading or school activities. Now that I understand more about how she learns we actually enjoy games and learning new things."

"Vicki is so friendly and has a clear and simple way of explaining things. I was so confused by how to support my little one with they reading and now I understand how phonics works! Thank you."

"These resources will help me week after week as I teach my 4 year old. I also feel ready to start supporting my 2 and a half year old with their speaking and listening skills."