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Hi, I am Vicki (BEd Hons) 

I am a Buckinghamshire based Mum of two young children and as an experienced and highly qualified teacher I can share my wealth of knowledge about learning and child development.

As parents we can be bombarded by information and expect to be able to unpick it and know how to navigate things such as education, development and behaviours.

Here is where I can help you… 

Online Bootcamps

I provide group workshops (and longer bootcamps) as well as one-to-one sessions to support your understanding of many popular topics in the early years of your child’s life. I mostly work with parents of children aged 0-6.

Get in touch to find the course which is right for you to empower you as you support your child’s learning journey. 

You’ve got this.

“School has changed a lot since we were little and methods have changed. Learning should be fun, especially when you are 5! With some of my strategies and resources you will feel equipped as a parent for your child’s early years.”          

                                                  – Vicki Bowden

Starting School – for Parents

Webinar for Parents to support their child’s transition to Reception. In partnership with Busy Kids in Bucks.

Phonics, Reading and Writing

Courses for Parents to equip you to support your child on their journey to reading and writing with confidence.

Effective Learning

Courses for Parents to teach you about child development, how your child’s mind works and how to encourage them to be a learner for life.

How the Courses work

We all have busy lives so courses are aimed to be filled with resources to help all learning styles and preferences with resources to download and review time after time.

Many Bootcamp Courses will run via Facebook or Zoom. One to one and small group sessions can also run online. At the moment I am unable to offer any sessions face-to-face.

"I was struggling to get my 5 year old to sit with me to do any reading or school activities. Now that I understand more about how she learns we actually enjoy games and learning new things."

"Vicki is so friendly and has a clear and simple way of explaining things. I was so confused by how to support my little one with they reading and now I understand how phonics works! Thank you."

"These resources will help me week after week as I teach my 4 year old. I also feel ready to start supporting my 2 and a half year old with their speaking and listening skills."

Contact Me

To ask any questions or chat more about how I can help you please complete the form below.